I’m Lauren-Jade! I’m a 20 year old mum from Kent and I am part of a crazy, happy little family which consists of me, my other half Matt who I have been with for 3 years, our son Oliver William and our German Shepherd Boas.

The babies:

Oliver was born on February 23rd 2015 at 23:06pm weighing 8lbs 2. It was a 16 hour labour with forceps delivery (not pleasant). He is a very loving little boy and is the biggest animal lover you’ll come across.. We have to drag him away from peoples pets.

Our other baby Boas is a pure black (bar a few white hairs on his chest and in his ears) German Shepherd puppy. He is Oliver’s best friend and they’re inseparable, he is a huge part of our family already (he is blimmin’ huge!)

My blog:

I decided to start my blog after reading about the positive effects writing down the honest truth has on you and oh boy, they were right! Keeping it all inside my head was truly driving me dolally so having a platform to sit, write and let it out helps me majorly and also gives me something to focus on in the evenings once Oliver is in bed.

I hope you all enjoy.