I Miss Blogging


Hi everyone.

Today I decided to sit down and go through some of my blog posts. I ‘gave up’ blogging in as my time was cut even shorter with Oliver no longer napping and my evenings became the only time I had to myself/with my other half. Truthfully, I miss it. I miss documenting the little things in our lives and knowing that as Oliver grows, we can sit down together and read what we done, where we went and about all the different moments we had, whether they be happy or sad.

Today I am blogging. I may not be very good but hey ho, lets give this a go!

We have had a busy few months with all sorts of things happening. Oliver started nursery which was a huge obstacle for me and a BIG adjustment for him and we’ve been on lots of adventures.

First things first, the adventures! We’ve been here, there and everywhere recently.

We took Oliver to Peppa Pig world for his 2nd birthday which was amazing. I wasn’t sure how he was going to react to the rides and the noise but he loved every second, went on every ride we could and had a lovely day.


On his actual birthday we had people round our house during the day and went out for lunch and dinner. His favourite part was his cake I think.. Or was that my favourite part?…


He had a wonderful day and I cannot believe I have a two year old, where did the time go? I’m so proud of the little boy hes become.

As for some of our other adventures..


We’ve been to the beach, soft play, wildlife parks and we recently went to Somerset and I really did not want to come home, it’s the most beautiful place in England without a doubt. We WILL be back!

Onto nursery. This wasn’t an easy decision for me but I knew that he desperately needed the socialisation and truthfully, I needed some time to myself. Of course it’s now perfect job wise so I’m glad he’s fairly settled before I start. He struggled with the adjustment and would scream and cry as soon as we arrived outside but would stop after a few minutes of being inside, regardless leaving him crying felt like a kick to the stomach. Thankfully now he’s happy and really enjoys himself.


I can’t believe how grown up he looks in his uniform, I cried for what felt like hours on his first day. It’s a hard feeling to describe but I felt like I’d lost a part of me, the part that was needed so much by him, he’d had me there 24/7 and all of a sudden he was with other people 3 days a week. He’ll always be my baby.

So yeah, that’s my little update, I hope you’ve all enjoyed.

As I wrote this I enjoyed every moment of writing and I’m hoping to find some more time to dedicate to my blog so watch this space, I’m working on it!

Thanks for reading! (I missed you guys!)




3 thoughts on “I Miss Blogging

  1. Lovely blog! And how amazing does Peppa Pig world look! My little one will be 2 in one week and he would love that 🙂 I know how you feel about making time for it all and sometimes there is a long time between the blog posts, but I still love it. It is such a lovely way to document adventures 🙂


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