Oliver's Updates

Christmas, Adventures And The Upcoming Months


Hi everyone.

I apologise for being so quiet recently – I broke my laptop, lost my mojo, found it again and then Oliver’s naps stopped so it’s been pretty hectic!

I thought I’d do a chatty ‘what we’ve been up to’ post and chat about the upcoming months.

I will start with Christmas – where did it go?! It felt like it was over in a flash. We were up bright and early on Christmas morning opening our presents and Oliver was well and truly spoilt! It was Boas’ first Christmas too so we didn’t know how he’d react to a LOT of wrapping paper being all over the place but he had great fun tearing it all up and opening his presents with Matt.

Once we’d had our fry up and were dressed and ready, we went over to my dads house. We opened our presents and gave them theirs and had a really lovely morning. Oliver now has his own kitchen and hoover, maybe I can finally get some help with the cleaning.. Or maybe not.


After a few hours there, we went over to Matt’s nans house to be with his side of the family for Christmas dinner. I was absolutely petrified of how little monster would behave in all honesty, he’s been pretty fidgety and has the attention span of a goldfish but I was pleasantly surprised, he ate his dinner and managed a good 4/5 hours there before needing his bed (we needed ours too!).

With a jam packed car, a sleepy little man and my eyes slowly closing, we went back home. The front room looked like a toy shop and the house was a mess but that’s the fun of Christmas! Oliver went straight to sleep and Matt and I wasn’t far off either.

On boxing day we had my mum and nan round for nibbles and their gift giving/receiving as we hadn’t seen them on Christmas day. I rarely get to see my nan as she lives in London so it was lovely to spend time with them both and being in our own home definitely worked best for Oliver, he was still exhausted from the previous day. They stayed for a few hours before going home for some rest and we went out to Matt’s dads other half’s house for some more nibbles and a good chit chat with everyone. Oliver was bought an adorable little London Bus that he has played with non stop since he got it!

We didn’t stay too long as I knew he’d be a nightmare that evening if we did so we went back home, chilled out for a few hours and then went over to Matt’s brothers to finish off our Christmas visits! I think I was more excited than Oliver at him being bought his first set of Play Doh! I can’t wait to find pieces of it on the dog, in my hair and on the furniture.

We had such an amazing, loving Christmas and I honestly can’t wait for next year. Only 352 days to go!


We’ve also been on LOTS of walks recently. Since we bought our new car we’ve been going here, there and everywhere and we’ve all had great fun. We love visiting a place called Kearsney Abbey which is near Dover in Kent. It has a lovely woodland area, ducks, swans, a play park and a huge area for dog walking.


Oliver still absolutely adores being outside so it’s lovely to go somewhere so lovely as a family and as you can see, Boas enjoyed himself too. He’s part dog, part seal.

We’ve been to a few different parks, done lots of painting/crafts and we went swimming today which was so much fun, even if the water was much colder than it should of been!


That’s our adventures summed up nicely. Now onto the upcoming months..

Oliver’s 2nd birthday is next month so I have a LOT of planning to do for that. We’re booking Peppa Pig world for him as he’s at the perfect age to enjoy it, I need to order his birthday cake and find some presents which is harder than I thought due to Christmas being 2 months before. What do you get a child that doesn’t need toys?! Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Our house is nearly finished too. We’ve ordered our new sofas which will be arriving in 5 weeks time and we’ve done some more painting so all that’s left is little things like putting drawer handles on and painting doors, yay! I never ever want to have to redecorate another house again, I didn’t realise how long it’d take us.

What have you all been up too? I’d love to hear from some of you.

Thanks for reading!





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