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Oliver’s Christmas Eve Box 2016

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Hi everyone.

It’s nearly Christmas! I feel like a child again, I would have never imagined that Christmas would be exciting for me again but now Oliver is at the age where he can enjoy it and start to appreciate it, it’s brought back the magic for me.

I decided in the summer that I wanted to do Oliver a Christmas Eve box this year. I thought it would be a lovely tradition, a great way to prepare for Christmas Day and a nice little treat for him being put onto the nice list!


His Christmas Eve box includes:

  • A nice list certificate
  • A letter from Santa
  • Reindeer food
  • 2 Peppa Pig Christmas books
  • A Peppa Pig Christmas DVD
  • Christmas pyjamas


Our beautiful box was made by the lovely Justine at Happenstance Arts and Crafts, you can visit her Facebook page here:ย 


It’s finished perfectly, it’s completely solid and will definitely last a very long time.

What Christmas traditions do you have? I’d love to see your ideas and Christmas Eve boxes!

Thanks for reading!



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