Our Update


Hi everyone.

After not blogging for what seems like forever, I decided to update you all on some things!

I haven’t been blogging as truthfully, I couldn’t find the time or energy to do it. Oliver takes up a lot of my time, I enjoy spending time with Matt when he gets home from work and sometimes, I just feel like doing nothing. I will still be blogging and maybe one day I’ll get back into the ‘daily blogging’ thing but right now, it’s not right for me.

Oliver is still the same little full of life monster boy! He’s started saying some more words now and it feels like he’s growing at an insane pace each day and I’m not sure how I feel about that. He currently has the last few of his teeth coming through but all things considered, he’s not as bad as I thought he would be. I won’t miss teething!

I’m absolutely petrified of the upcoming months. Oliver starts nursery soon and I will be doing some exciting things of my own and I’m worried he will lose his bond with me in a way, I guess I’m so used to having him with me all constantly, hopefully I’m overthinking it. It will all be fine.. *gulp*

In the last few weeks we’ve taken Boas (our dog) for his first groom, we’ve bought a new car and we’ve put our Christmas tree up which was a total nightmare.. We bought our first tree which we both HATED so we returned it, we then went to Homebase and bought another artificial tree which after a few days we disliked too so after all of that, we got a real tree which we’re over the moon with. We’ll be doing that every year from now on!

Here are some pictures from the past couple of weeks:


Thanks for reading!







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