Christmas Craft – Fingerprint Reindeers


Hi everyone.

After a long browse on Pintrest, I decided to push myself and attempt some Christmas crafts I found. I was dubious as every other thing I’ve tried has been a complete Pintrest fail so I wasn’t expecting much!

I do love them however and think they came out lovely. I’m planning on doing these for Christmas cards this year for the special people in our family and I thought I’d share them with you!

What you will need:


  • 1 black sharpie/pen
  • 1 red sharpie/pen
  • card or paper
  • brown paint (I mixed orange and blue)

You simply get a finger or your thumb, dab it in the brown paint and press on your paper to make the face shape. Wait for them to dry.. Then draw on the red nose and black antlers and voilà!


I also saw a cute idea for a couple, reindeers in love! I’ll be doing this one for Matt this year as I think it’s a beautiful, personal idea with minimal effort.. Just what I like!


For a simple but fun craft this year, definitely give these a go! I hope you all enjoy.

Thanks for reading!



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