Our Weekend Away


Hi everyone!

I’m back! I took a break from blogging as I felt like life had become pretty repetitive, my laptop is still broken and truthfully, I just needed the me time.

Matt and I went away for the weekend (5th-6th November) and I thought I’d do a little blog post on what we got up too, how it all went and all that jazz.

I had started planning, organising and writing lists days before we even left as my mum had Oliver at our house in the hope that he’d be as undisturbed as possible. I wrote lists on food times, the alarm, names and numbers.. I felt like we were leaving for months! I also had 3 loads of washing to do and I needed to mop the floors and tidy the whole house before going so by the time it came to leaving, I was quite drained already.

We left at 7am on Saturday morning and I was upset that Oliver was still asleep as I REALLY wanted to give him a cuddle before going but I think it was easier this way. We set off and after a stop at a garage, we were at the station. We parked near the O2 as we worked out it’d be cheaper to park outside of London and get the underground to where we needed to go.

We couldn’t check into our hotel until the afternoon so we stopped off to see Big Ben, The London Eye and done some shopping. Our main aim was to visit the museums so once we were done, we went to the Science Museum. We had a great time, Matt was looking forward to this museum so I let him run free and spent however long he wanted looking and reading things while I loved the technology and space side of it.


We both tried out the astronaut gloves, watched a few videos, had a wander around the whole museum and had a lovely time. I’m so used to having to rush things as Oliver gets bored quickly so it was amazing slowly wandering around with no time limit.


After the museum we decided to check into our hotel. We arrived and truthfully, we both felt like we had stepped into a run down taxi rank. It was awful. Nevertheless, it was in a great location so we didn’t mind too much.. Oh no, it’s not that simple! The receptionist said she had informed that they couldn’t accommodate us and I had NO idea meaning we had no where to stay for the night. Luckily Matt had a look on a last minute hotel website and we found a lovely hotel called The Park Grand London Paddington, everything about it was perfect. The staff were lovely, the room was beautiful and modern, it was clean and the room service was delicious. It really did make our weekend staying there for the night.


By the time we checked in, got unpacked and sorted out, it was dinner time. We had a look on the phone they provided us which lets you look for things to do and places to eat and we found an Indian restaurant about 10 minutes away. The food was beautiful, the staff.. Not so much but oh well!

I’d planned to take Matt to a firework display as it was firework night but the weather had dropped SO much and we couldn’t find any near us so we opted for a night in bed, watching TV and enjoying each others company. I’ll be honest and admit that we were both fast asleep by 9:30pm.. Oops.

We woke up on Sunday morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day. We got showered, cleaned up the room, checked multiple times we had packed away everything and checked out of the hotel. We had our breakfast and headed to the Natural History Museum, I was super excited. Outside of the Museum felt like Christmas and that instantly made my day 100x better, it is NOT too early for Christmas decorations!


We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed looking and hearing about the history behind the dinosaurs and the fossils. I especially loved the gift shop – I wish I was made of money! We ended up getting Oliver a toy dinosaur (which is wearing a Christmas jumper, how cute) and a dinosaur peekaboo book to make up for leaving him for the weekend.

Once we’d finished at the museum, we thought we’d go back home as it’d take us around 2 hours to get back and I was so eager to see my little monster boy. We were lucky as it had started to rain on the way back so it was perfect timing! Oliver was having a roast dinner at Matt’s brothers house so we went straight there to see him. He definitely was not as excited to see me as I was him! He was exhausted so we got home, gave him his presents and then he went to bed which felt awful as I’d missed him so much.

I don’t think we’ll be going anywhere without Oliver again anytime soon.. I feel like my hair is now 15% grey and I can feel the wrinkles coming on already but we really did need the time together.

I hope you’ve enjoyed, let me know about your child free experiences, do you find them stressful too?

Thanks for reading!



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