Happy Halloween!


Hi everyone.

Firstly, I’m sorry for not posting anything over the weekend.. We had a pretty crappy weekend which was full of disappointment and stress and I won’t get into the boring story but I will tell you NEVER to buy any furniture from Argos. Also my laptop isn’t fixed as the issue was bigger than we thought so that’s still on hold too.

Moving on from that, it’s Halloween! Yayyyy! I’ve always loved Halloween since I was a child so I wanted to make today as special as I could for Oliver. We started off the day by having breakfast and blowing up some Halloween balloons. I decided we’d bake some cupcakes too and use the ghost and pumpkin marshmallows I’d bought as decorations. Oliver of course spent his time eating the mixture and sharing it with his entire body.img_8101img_8110img_8168img_8118img_8117img_8200img_8207

We were pretty happy with the finish product (Oliver more so). We got cleaned up, had our lunch which included a cupcake and Oliver went upstairs for his afternoon nap. I felt absolutely drained for some reason so I had a little lay down too before remembering the mess Oliver had created in the living room so I went to tackle that!

Once Matt came home and Oliver was awake, we thought we’d take Oliver and Boas to the park for a while before having dinner. It was amazing, there was that chilly breeze and the park was foggy, I love this time of year.

We opted for a Chinese takeaway tonight as it’s Halloween.. That’s a good enough reason, right? I made the mistake of running to the door in excitement expecting my Chinese only to find trick or treaters.. I didn’t answer. Looking back that may have been quite mean of me but they’d have been disappointed anyway.

I’m now going to do some more pumpkin carving/painting as we didn’t get a chance today and I’m a big kid at heart.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Halloween!

Thanks for reading!



One thought on “Happy Halloween!

  1. So happy to have you back. The world makes sense again!
    We’ve just been trick or treating. Caellum dressed like a skeleton. It was very cute. Now we’re watching Ben & Holly. Joys!
    Bring on bedtime when Fear The Walking Dead can go on (already watched The Walking Dead this afternoon) x

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