One Of Those Days 

Hi everyone. 

Today’s blog post is going to be shorter than usual, purely because we didn’t do a great deal and I’ve got so much to do this evening. 

We started our day by rushing around and getting ready as a delivery was coming and as soon as that arrived, we had to go out. My phone was broken so I upgraded it early (I wouldn’t recommend doing it, the prices are ridiculous) and managed to get the iPhone 7. I’m hoping Oliver doesn’t destroy this one – thankfully it’s waterproof! 

Once we’d done that and got back home we had some lunch, my mum came in for a coffee before heading home and Oliver went up for his nap which he definitely wasn’t feeling. After an hour of battling it and thinking jumping on his bed was acceptable, he gave in and went to sleep. I felt sick again after eating so I relaxed on the sofa and watched American Horror Story: Hotel again as it’s now on Netflix, yay! 

Oliver woke up a while later and he had a naughty dinner (pizza and chips) as I felt even worse by then and could hardly bear to be around food. He done surprisingly well considering he’s not mega keen on that kind of food anymore but he was head to toe covered in tomato sauce from the pizza so a bath was needed. 

We spent his bath time playing with his boat, playing peekaboo and reading his bath book, he didn’t want to get out which made me feel awful. We got into our pyjamas and snuggled in his bedroom to watch the film Rio before bed, I love him so much. 

It hit me tonight just how lucky I am and that I should never take anything for granted. Regardless of what happens in my life I have an amazing son who will always be my best friend, I couldn’t ask for more really. 

I’ve got some sorting out and bits and bobs to do before I fall asleep so it looks like an earlyish night for me! Sorry for the lack of photos today – I haven’t used the camera and have been setting my phone up so I didn’t really get a chance. 

I hope your day has been lovely. 

Thanks for reading!


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