Everything’s Broken


Hi everyone.

I officially had the most unlucky day I’ve had in a LONG time. I was really unwell last night, I randomly started throwing up at 1am and couldn’t sleep once it’d finished and I felt absolutely awful when I woke up. Luckily Oliver let me have a lay in until 9am but I still had little energy. My day then took another turn for the worst when my laptop charger decided to blow up meaning I now have to do my blog posts on Matt’s laptop until my new charger arrives (fingers crossed it is that, it could be a bigger problem) and to top it all off my phone wouldn’t charge – yay! I knew that’d be on it’s way out as it’s been playing up since Oliver put it in water for the 4th time.

After forcing myself to get up and be motivated, I decided we’d do some painting and paint the little pumpkin I bought in a craft shop. Oliver really enjoyed it and done a great job (with a little help from mummy).


We had our lunch once we’d tidied up and got cosy on the sofa to watch a film as I still didn’t feel right. Oliver was wanting a nap after half an hour so I took him upstairs and went for a nap myself, I definitely needed it.

I got up an hour later, managed to sort out my upgrade and luckily I’m getting it tomorrow, Matt came home and I sorted out dinner. Matt took these photos too, how cute are they?


We had steak pie, cauliflower cheese and roast potatoes with gravy and after bathing Oliver, bathing Boas and Matt also having a bath, it was time for bed. Hopefully we can fix my charger this evening (or bodge it until my new one comes) as it’s so difficult using another laptop.

I apologise for my font/writing not being in the featured image, my fonts are on my personal laptop so I won’t be able to use that until it’s fixed, ugh. Please bear with me guys!

Thanks for reading!



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