I’ve Gone Over The Top


Hi everyone.

After a palaver all night trying to make my phone charge, I finally fixed it at 2am and managed to cram in a few hours sleep. I was up at just gone 7am to the sweet sound of my toddler destroying his bedroom, don’t you just love that?

We got up and ready as we had to be sorted by 10am and I had some bits to do before we left and true to form, I was late. My hair was still damp and I looked like a half eaten biscuit but hey ho, let’s go!

We went to Canterbury for the day to do some shopping, have a wander around and have some lunch. I found some cute little bargains in Poundland (2 ceramic Halloween decorations – 1 pumpkin and 1 ghost), some Halloween decorations for Oliver to paint and some Christmas related things.. Oops! I think I may have gone over the top.. I need to stop.

We went for lunch at West Cornwall Food Co and it was delicious, you can’t beat a good Cornish pasty! Oliver had the kids meal which came with a shortbread, a sausage roll and a smoothie.


After a good look around, Oliver had truly had enough. I panicked as he refuses to sleep in his stroller but thankfully he gave in and had a nap meaning we didn’t have to hear the sound of screaming child all the way home. This did mean that when we got home, he wasn’t going to sleep so he had some quiet time whilst I got unpacked, sorted out the house and started doing dinner.

We had sausage, mash and gravy and Oliver loved it. He’s been super fussy recently but I got skinless sausages this time and he loved them. He was absolutely covered in mash by the time he’d finished so we went straight up for a bath, into our pyjamas and read some stories before bedtime.


I’m now going to get Oliver settled and once he’s asleep I need to tidy our bedroom and sort our bed out as our new one comes on Thursday, yay!

I hope you’ve all had a really lovely day.

Thanks for reading!



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