A Day Of House Work


Hi everyone.

After waking up a few times during the night, Oliver let me have a lay in until 9am and I definitely needed it. We spent some time in bed watching Ben and Holly and having a cuddle before going downstairs, giving Oliver breakfast and cracking on with the HUGE amount of house work that needed to be done.

I knew I’d have to spent the whole morning and most of the afternoon tidying the house so we got out Oliver’s favourite toys, his favourite film and I let him have a lazy day. I managed to get most things done by lunch time like the hoovering up and downstairs, cleaning the kitchen, tidying out our porch and doing a few loads of washing and truthfully after that, Iย wanted to give up.

We had some lunch and Oliver went up to bed for his nap shortly afterwards. I cleaned the doors and windows, had a bath and a well needed rest, I had a few things to catch up on so I got into bed and done exactly that.

Oliver woke up a few hours later and Matt came home shortly after and cooked our dinner, we were in a slight rush as we hoped to go out before it got dark but we didn’t manage it. We went for a little stroll around our area and popped to the shop quickly to grab some essentials (not essentials at all, I’m just a pig).


We got home, got into our pyjamas and Oliver went to bed as he was exhausted. I’m going to pig out on cookies and relax for the evening. I even bought a toffee apple, how exciting! That’s when you know Halloween is approaching.

(I really need to mop the floors but I can’t be bothered, don’t tell anyone)

I hope you’ve all had a great day today.

Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “A Day Of House Work

      1. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ That made me laugh! I just watch kids TV to see who I want to punch. The old git in Grandpa in my Pocket. If I was his grandson I’d have set his bastard shrinking cap on fire and put him in a home by now! x


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