Powell-Cotton Museum


Hi everyone.

Today we decided to visit the Powell-Cotton Museum for Percy Powell-Cotton’s 150th birthday. The museum has 8 different galleries full of breathtaking ceramics, weaponry, mounted animals and more.


We found an interactive room which had tables for children to draw at, a corner to sit in, drawers you can pull out and pick up what’s inside and an area for children to dress up in old clothes, use the old musical instruments and feel different animal fur, snake skins and see different skulls.


We had a great time, Oliver loved seeing the life size animals (he thought they were alive) and I really enjoyed learning more about Percy and the expiernces he and his family had.


I’d definitely recommend visiting Quex Park and going to the Powell-Cotton Museum as there’s something for all ages and we learnt so much.

Happy 150th year Percy!

Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on “Powell-Cotton Museum

  1. As a big geek, I love museums. I never get bored of the Museum of Science & Industry in Manchester. I’m one of those annoying people who has to look at and read everything I see when I visit a museum x


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