Happy Saturday


Hi everyone.

Happy Saturday to you all! I’m SO glad it’s the weekend. I didn’t quite get the lay in I was hoping for (4am) but I felt so energised and happy this morning. We were all up and ready to go by 10am so we decided a morning walk would do us all good and it definitely did. Oliver has become obsessed with the woods area so we went most of our time in there and Boas was happily running around and playing with his ball.



We spent quite a while there but had to go back home as we had loads to do before Matt went out. We sorted out Matt’s work rubbish, tidied his work van and cleared out our garage so a tip run could be done. I find it so therapeutic getting rid of things, is anyone else like that?

Oliver went up for his nap shortly after and I finally had some peace and quiet. I needed to catch up on GBBO and some YouTube videos so I got that done and had a lay down in bed. I’ve started to not let myself go to sleep but allowing myself a lay down, I feel so refreshed after relaxing for a while.

Matt came back home and by this point, Oliver was awake again. His brother came round for a cup of tea and a chat and somehow I ended up getting a takeaway.. Oops! It is a Saturday and they’ve become very rare in our house so I guess a one off wont hurt.

We’ve had our dinner, we’ve got our pyjamas on and I’m just about to put the littlest monster to bed with no problems, fingers crossed.

What have you all been doing today?

Thanks for reading!




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