He Lost His Ball


Hi everyone.

I felt like absolute rubbish this morning. I had no sleep as I was waaay too hot one second and freezing cold the next so I spent the night hating my life. Oliver woke up at just gone 7am and luckily he was in a really happy mood so we had a snuggle, watched some YouTube videos and I may have had a 10 minute power nap.. Ooops.

We done the usual stuff, breakfast, got dressed and ready, had a play etc. and truthfully I just felt worse and worse as the day went on. It reached lunch time and I felt so faint so I gave Oliver his lunch, managed to eat something myself and took him up for his nap which he didn’t battle whatsoever.


I went back to sleep too as I knew my body needed it and thankfully I felt better. Matt came home shortly after so I got the dinner on, sorted the house and got things ready to go for a walk once we’d eaten.

We went to the park we always go to but I decided to let Oliver play in the woods area for longer as he loved it the other day. Of course Boas ended up following us and losing his favourite ball, we spent ages searching for it with no luck.


I love how much Oliver loves nature. He’ll happily play in the dirt, watch birds, pick up leaves and play with conkers and acorns.

We came back home, got bathed and sorted out and Oliver went to bed. We laid in his bed reading some books for a while before he eventually turned over so I took the opportunity and left the room.. Bad move. Matt had some friends over so I think the noise from downstairs made him want to stay awake but it all sounds pretty quiet right now so fingers crossed!

We’re going to watch Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away with some cookies, what are you all doing this evening?

Thanks for reading!



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