Bedtime Success


Hi everyone.

After a slow start to the day due to not feeling great, we ended up spending most of the day at home. Oliver didn’t sleep well last night so he was grumpy and irritable so I didn’t really want to be dragging him around (and listening to him scream!).

We watched a few episodes of Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, done the house work together (Oliver helped me hoover) and I had a browse at some hotels for Matt and I to stay in in a couple of weeks time as we’re going away for the weekend for his birthday and truthfully, I’m dreading not taking Oliver. I know he’ll be in capable hands and he’ll have a great time and it’s even better that he’ll still be at home but it’s just the thought of it I suppose!

We eventually found one and got it booked, yay! It’s right in the middle of everything which is what we wanted as it’s going to be firework night whilst we’re away. We went out for an earlier trip to the park today too as Matt finished early and we had a great time. We explored the woods area and found some acorns, found a HUGE branch that Oliver wanted to bring back home and Boas finally understood fetch. Usually he will want you to throw it again but won’t drop it, bless him.


We left the park, Matt ran into the supermarket to grab some bits for dinner tonight and some drinks and then we went back home. It was still pretty early so all 3 boys went for a nap, lucky them! I had Boas laying on me in the most uncomfortable position but I felt too guilty making him wake up to move so I browsed social media on my phone for a while. I did have to be mean and go and make dinner though – we had lasagna and garlic ciabatta bread, it was delicious.

After a naughty dip into the Ben and Jerry’s tub, I took Oliver up to get bathed and sorted out for bed time. We faffed around and played for quite a long time so he was exhausted by 7pm meaning bedtime was easier than usual. He’s been so great at staying in bed now (to begin with that is, he still wakes occasionally during the night) he’s got his night time bear, fingers crossed the bedtime success continues! He’s now fast asleep so I’m going to tidy up and catch up on the shows I love (maybe with a glass of rosé..)

How was your day today?

Thanks for reading!



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