Artist At Work


Hi everyone.

We were up bright and early this morning and I was definitely not feeling it. I thought to myself “it’s bin day” as I woke up too and still managed to NEARLY forget – luckily I heard the truck and run out in my pyjamas, looking like a right mess.

We had a yummy treat for breakfast, crumpets. Oliver inhaled them pretty much! We got ready which was a task and a half as my hyperactive toddler wasn’t having any of it, I don’t think he likes clothes too much.. I don’t blame him!

I decided that as the weather wasn’t great and I fancied a day at home, we’d do some crafts/painting as we both love it. I felt a sense of sadness every time I put a fresh colour in the tray and Oliver poked his multicoloured fingers into it, anyone else as pathetic as I am? We done some pretty paintings, I drew a pumpkin that we painted together (I held his hand) and we done a random felt Halloween picture type thing. Oliver then decided to grab a conker so I let him decorate that too!


Once we were cleaned up and had put everything away, we had our lunch and then Oliver went up to bed for his nap. Truthfully I was quite excited as I still felt SO tired and needed to lay down, I didn’t let myself sleep as I knew I’d be in the same horrible position again tonight if I did.

Matt came home just after Oliver woke up and dinner was cooking. We had steak pie, roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese and gravy, it was yuuummy! We done the normal thing once we were finished, ran around a park.. Maybe that’s not so normal. I thought it’d wear Oliver out but not today, he came home with more energy than he left with.


After playing with him in his bedroom before putting him to sleep, I think most of the energy was gone.

He’s silent at the moment so fingers crossed he’s sleeping and not just being a ninja. I’m going to go and do some house work, watch some TV and relax.

I hope you’ve all day a great day today.

Thanks for reading!



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