Shopping And Splashing


Hi everyone.

We had a well needed lay in this morning. Usually I shut Oliver’s bedroom gate before going to sleep but I forgot so I woke up to him shouting from downstairs for his breakfast – usually he comes in to me first! Little monkey.

We got up, washed, dressed and sorted out and went shopping with one of my friends from school. We bought WAY more than we needed but hey, who doesn’t love buying things?! It’s an addictive feeling to me. I got Oliver a new jumper and his Christmas pyjamas, some new tops for me and the BEST pyjamas in the world and some other boring things like hair clips. We also had Subway for lunch which I was rather happy about – we did drop a drink everywhere however, we’re a nightmare together, plenty of fails took place today!

Fullscreen capture 15102016 201612.bmp.jpg

We finished shopping, went back home and Oliver went for his nap and I packed everything away and maybe had a little nap too.. Oops! I woke up, got our dinner on and soon heard a little pickle making his way down the stairs. We had Matt’s brother over at this point so Oliver was pretty happy about that, Mr. I Want Attention!

We had our cottage pie (it was delicious), Matt got ready to go out and I got monster bathed  (the whole bathroom was covered with water, we splashed a bit too much!) and in bed. He’s still not asleep and is fighting it big time so fingers crossed he gives in soon, I hate him falling asleep on his floor. Bring on the days of him appreciating sleep.


I’m going to have some snacks (dry roasted peanuts and some Halloween chocolates) and catch up on the TV programmes I’ve missed.

I hope you’ve had a good day!

Thanks for reading!



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