Unexplainable Love


Hi everyone.

Oliver kept me up all night last night, he was waking up every hour and screaming for me and would go back to sleep as soon as he saw me. Don’t you just love that? I literally felt like a zombie this morning and fully waking up seemed like an impossible task.

I had what felt like a million things to do so Oliver played with Boas outside, I done my boring jobs and got ready and we had a lovely morning playing together. I had a lot of those ‘wow, I love you’ moments today, he’d behaved so nicely and would randomly stop what he was doing to come and give me a kiss or do something to make me laugh. He really is my rock.


We went to the park once Oliver was up from his afternoon nap. He was desperate to go into the play park so we did just that! His smile could brighten the darkest of my days, there’s no better feeling than seeing your child happy. He wasn’t THAT happy when we left however.


We had our dinner, got ready for bed and as Oliver hadn’t slept for long earlier in the day, I was expecting an easy, no issue bed time but oh no, that did not happen. He kept getting out of bed, regretting it and crying, throwing his dummy across the room, throwing things out of the baby gate, the list goes on! Eventually I had to be strong and just ignore him and let him wear himself out which did work and he even took himself back in to bed instead of sleeping on the floor.

I can now relax, have some me time and reflect on the good, positive things in my life and my future. There’s so much I want to do/achieve and I want to start setting goals for it all.

I hope you’ve had a lovely day.

Thanks for reading!



One thought on “Unexplainable Love

  1. Yes! Goals are a good thing! You’re worth spending time on yourself so make sure you do it. Take an hour (if you can get it) to just sit and maybe write a few things down. Having a direction to head in will make you feel so much better; I absolutely guarantee it. Hence why I’m now blogging and always working on my story. It makes me happy. You do what make YOU happy. Then we’re both happy and that’s just great 🙂 x

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