Does It Get Easier?


Hi everyone.

We were up bright and early this morning. Oliver decided to wake up at 7am and was FULL of energy so we got up, put some music on and had our breakfast whilst having a bit of a boogie. I hoovered the whole house, cleaned the kitchen and dining room and managed to have a shower without Oliver moaning once, he can be such a good boy when he wants to be (which isn’t very often).

We spent the morning at home, had our lunch and Oliver happily went down for a nap. I caught up on TGBBO, some YouTube videos and had a browse online for some Christmas presents. Matt arrived home as Oliver woke up so he had something quick to eat and we drove to the park. Oliver spent his time collecting sticks and Boas played fetch with Matt, they were both exhausted after about 45 minutes.


We came back home, I got dinner on and attempted to sort out monster. He has moments of being an absolute nightmare – he won’t listen, runs off, ignores you, throws himself around.. Does it get easier?! I feel like he’s hit the terrible twos already, at least I’m hoping that’s what it is!

He didn’t really eat his dinner, had a melt down as he wanted a cookie and misbehaved all the way until bedtime. Give me strength.

Bring on going to sleep tonight!

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Does It Get Easier?

  1. They take you right to the edge of madness don’t they? How can they be so lovely sometimes and such little monsters the rest of the time!


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