The Lush Obsession Begins


Hi everyone.

We had a fun but tiring day today. We had to be up and ready by 10am and after breakfast being thrown everywhere, a messy house and 500 things to do, we somehow just managed it. We went out for the day to Canterbury to do some shopping and get something to eat. I of course spent WAY more than I had planned but hey ho!

We went into a Tiger and got some really cool Halloween bits. I wanted some cute lights for Oliver’s teepee so I got little pumpkin ones and some Halloween treats for us all. We then went into Primark and Tesco, I got some work out leggings and a jumper for me and some socks, a book, a Halloween outfit and a hat for Oliver.


Just as I thought my spending was over, I spotted Lush. Ohhhh wow, the smell of the place made me throw my money at them. Here is what I got:


I am in love with the smell of them all. One will be plonked into my bath later on, I’m not too sure which one yet!

We stopped off ad Ed’s Diner for some lunch and I did not expect what arrived at our table, the food was delicious. It was so filling and such great value for money, Oliver ate so much I thought he was going to burst.


Once we were home, I got everything put away and tidied up and Oliver decided that today would be a no nap day, brilliant. He played in his bedroom instead and that’s when Matt arrived home and said we were going back out, even more brilliant! On the up side though he bought me a new radio for the kitchen and I love it, it’s wood and white so it matches perfectly. This was probably due to him buying a new laptop however.. Anyone else’s partner do this?

We grabbed some dinner on the way home as it was getting late and I’m now going to attempt to settle a hyperactive, crazy child. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!



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