We’re Exhausted


Hi everyone.

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and ready to make a change. I’ve been so unhappy with my body for a long time now so I decided to do something about it.. I’m going to start working out! I bought some DVDs a while ago so I gave one a go and done much better than I thought I would, it made me feel so awake and pleased with myself and gave me the motivation I needed to carry on with it.

After I’d finished that for the day, we had our lunch and went out for a walk to a family members house. Truthfully I didn’t think that walking after the workout was a great idea but it made me feel even better so I’m glad I did, Oliver had lots of energy too so he needed to burn that off.

We stayed out for most of the day and came home just before dinner time so I rushed around sorting Oliver out, cooking dinner and tidying up the mess I’d left behind when we went out this morning. I think I was hoping it wouldn’t be there when we got back.. Damn it. We had lasagna and garlic ciabatta bread and I have never seen a child shove so much food in so quickly, he definitely enjoyed it so that’s good!

Bath and bed time soon came around, he refused to sleep in his bed though despite being exhausted so after a little battle and him falling asleep on his bedroom floor, he’s now tucked up in bed and I’m going to hit my pillow too. I’m exhausted after today but I’m happy I’m feeling more positive, Oliver gives me the boost I need in life, I don’t know what I’d do without him.

IMG_6953.JPGI hope your day has been great, sorry this post is later and shorter than usual, tiredness is eating away at me!

Thanks for reading!



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