Stick Collector


Hi everyone.

After a HORRIBLE nights sleep (emphasis on the horrible), I woke up feeling pretty crappy this morning. Oliver had woke up at 2am and wouldn’t go back to sleep until around 5am even though he was absolutely shattered, he just wanted to be with me for some reason. We didn’t want to waste our Sunday however so we pushed through the tiredness.

We had a few things we needed to do so we started off by going shopping. Am I the only person who buys so much more than they actually need when they go into the store instead of online shopping? There’s too much temptation! We bought some Halloween bits, 2 pumpkins and even our advent calender’s.. I think everyone who saw our trolley thought that we were mad. They wouldn’t be wrong.

Matt bought the new Uncharted game for our PS4 too and I have to say, it’s pretty cool. It’s not my kind of game but the graphics are amazing and it looks really fun to play.

Once we’d got back home and unloaded the shopping, we got Boas and drove to a park nearby to let the monsters burn off some steam. I was quite proud of them both, Oliver usually try’s to run away which he didn’t do and Boas behaved like an angel. It was lovely to see them enjoying the outdoors. Oliver of course found some sticks/branches that came with us around the park.


They were both ready for bed after a good run around, so were we in all honesty! We got back home, I got Oliver ready for his nap and he fell asleep straight away. Boas also fell straight to sleep so Matt started his new game, I sorted the photos from the park and had a mini nap.. I’m getting old alright?

We had our yummy dinner which we all thoroughly enjoyed, had baths and tidied up and got cosy for bed. I love bed time in the Autumn, it’s not freezing but it’s acceptable to get the dressing gowns and slippers out with the heating on.

I’m now going to get Oliver some warm milk and spend some time with him before he goes to bed. Mopping all of our downstairs and giving the house a good clean is on the agenda for this evening too. I can safely say today was 10000x better than yesterday, hopefully I carry on feeling this happy.

I hope your day has been lovely!

Thanks for reading!



One thought on “Stick Collector

  1. Firstly, no it isn’t just you who buys crap when you go shopping. Secondly, I had Uncharted 4 on pre-order, but didn’t get it in the end. I like the first three so will get it eventually, but I’ve got Assassin’s Creed Unity and all the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles games to work through yet. Plus there’s WWE 2K17. Yeah, I’m a thirty-two year old who likes wrestling; what of it? 😂 x


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