Stress Free


Hi everyone.

Thankfully last night was better than the night before and I wasn’t awake at 5am again. We think it was just a 1 day bug type of thing as he was perfectly fine today! We had a lazy, lounge around morning playing with toys and I started to go through them all and see which ones we’re going to donate to charity before Christmas but as I got them all out, Oliver suddenly found a new love for them, typical.

I decided that we’d stay at home until after Oliver’s afternoon nap as I had some blog posts to write, house work to do and I knew some parcels were coming so I needed to wait in for those, of course mine didn’t arrive like it was meant to.

I got monster up and ready to go for a walk to the park and I thought that as he’s getting really good without his pushchair, we’d brave it and just walk there and back. He done so well, didn’t moan once and really enjoyed himself. He’s also wearing a 2-3 year old top.. I don’t like this.


Once we were home Boas and Oliver went to play in the garden and that’s when I realised something.. There was a plant in our garden, how?! Strangely it’s my favourite and was Matt’s mum’s favourite and we spoke about planting some. I’ve felt some form of presence in the house (I think it’s Matt’s mum) for a while and Boas has been randomly barking in the garden for a while and I now think it’s to do with that, other’s may just call me crazy!


We had an earlyish dinner as we were both quite hungry and it was at this point that I realised we’d had such a happy, stress free day for once. Usually there’s always a stressful tantrum or something goes wrong but not today!

Matt got ready to go out for the evening and Oliver and I got into our pyjamas, he had some warm milk and we had a lovely snuggle before reading a story. I’m hoping he’s asleep right now, I can’t hear anything but I won’t risk going in yet, NEVER risk it!

Thanks for reading!



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