Autumn Weather



Hi everyone.

You’ll all be shocked to know that I managed to have an early night last night.. Crazy isn’t it?! It was undisturbed too which was an added bonus! Oliver and I had a little snuggle before he sat at the gate repeating “that!” to go down for breakfast which he didn’t even want to eat, cheeky child.


We got ready whilst having a little sing and a dance to some music which put us both in such good moods before going outside to get some fresh air. It was so windy and much colder than I expected however so we had a play, a go on the swing and a run around and came back inside and put the heating on.. Anyone else done this yet?


I had the boring task of sorting out our shoes that we wore to the beach the other day, they were still gross and covered in sand so I finally found the motivation to clean them. Oliver’s feet are growing so fast so I think some new shoes are in order, I’m going to have a look on Clarks later on to see what they’ve got for Autumn/Winter, I’m thinking some good boots for the wetter, colder days and a pair that are easy to get on and off.

We had our lunch once I’d sorted the chores out and Oliver ate EVERYTHING, probably due to him not eating his breakfast this morning and not due to him becoming an angelic, perfect little eater. In my dreams! He went up for his afternoon nap shortly after and after giving me all the signs that he’s tired, he really didn’t fancy sleeping. I decided to leave him in his room for a while to see what he’d do and after 10 minutes, I found one sleepy, handsome little squidge fast asleep on his bedroom floor. I was worried he’d wake up with me moving him into bed but nope, didn’t even open his eyes.

Whilst monkey was in the land of nod, I had a browse on Netflix and found the new Amanda Knox documentary I’d heard about. It reminded me of Making A Murderer in so many ways, I felt a certain way when it started and completely different by the end, it really keeps you wondering and intrigued. I’d definitely recommend watching it!

Once Matt was home I got Oliver up and ready as we wanted to go for a walk before dinner. It was quite windy but we didn’t know just how windy it was until we reached the beach.. Wow! We nearly blew away, literally. We went for a walk around a town close to us instead and the beach over there was a lot less windy so we opted for a little play in the sand too. Boas found a ball that he claimed and Oliver found a spade so they were both in their element.


We soon headed home (back to the warm) to have some dinner and get ready for bed. Oliver had walked the whole time we were out so he was shattered and I was honestly looking forward to some relaxing me time.

I soon realised however that Oliver didn’t want to go to sleep.. It’s now nearly 8pm and he’s still awake. I’m hoping the ignoring him method will work but then again, probably not. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!




3 thoughts on “Autumn Weather

  1. Look out for my post tomorrow. You’ve kind of inspired it. I mean, I always had the intention of doing it anyway, but reading your posts has helped me in how to word it and lay it out. So thank you that 🙂 x


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