Being Creative


Hi everyone.

We were up fairly early this morning, Oliver came into our room for a cuddle so we had a snuggle before going downstairs to tidy up and have breakfast. Monster boy ate his breakfast beautifully, played happily whilst I tidied up and got changed without a peep (usually he shouts when I lay him down to change him).

I thought that as a little treat for us both, we’d do some painting. I put 4 bits of paper together with sellotape, got different brushes and stamps and let him crack on, he loved it.


After he’d done a beautiful picture I remembered I’d bought a little ‘Crafty Monkey, Finger and Hand Print Art Kit’ from Hobbycraft (for £1, what a bargain!) so we gave that a go too. He wasn’t too sure at first but after showing him and helping him he got the hang of it, we even glued on some leaves to make it more Autumnal. He had the most beautiful smile afterwards, he was definitely proud of himself!


After cleaning everything up (including Oliver) we had a quick play outside and our lunch. He wasn’t all that interested in it as he was ready for his nap so he ate as much as he wanted and went upstairs to sleep with no issues, I was worried after yesterday so I’m glad whatever was wrong has gone away.

I spent his nap time doing my usual boring stuff, YouTube, Instagram, blog posts etc. and just relaxed for a while and I felt so refreshed for it, sometimes you just need that break to feel normal again.

Matt came home early afternoon so once Oliver had got up, we went out to do some shopping. We got our usual stuff and decided we’d try a stir fry (I’ve never done one before) for our dinner and to my surprise, it was quite nice. Oliver absolutely hated it however so we probably wont be having it again!

We finished our dinner and went out for a family walk before Matt had a visitor. We went to the park area at the bottom of our road and let Oliver and Boas burn off some steam, they definitely needed it. Once we’d got back home we decorated some gingerbread men (epic fail, it was crap), I gave Oliver a bath, tidied up and we went into his room to spend some time together before bed time.


We’re now getting settled for bed and once monster is asleep, I may pig out and watch some TV.. Or just fall asleep, I’m shattered.

Thanks for reading!




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