Uncontrollable Crying


Hi everyone.

After an awful nights sleep (what a surprise) and not fully falling asleep until just gone 4am, I didn’t feel great this morning. Oliver woke up in a bad mood too so it was a recipe for disaster but we managed to get through it with food, lots of food!

I decided that we’d do something a bit different and bake a cake together. Monster found the eggs going in so funny and helped me stir the mixture and of course, taste tested it.. A lot. Cheeky boy. His face, hands and clothes were completely covered in chocolate.


The cake came out amazing though! We shared the first piece and I’m not sure Oliver even had a taste it went down so fast.


Once we’d tidied up and watched a few episodes of Peppa Pig, I took Oliver up for a nap. This is when a sh*t storm went down like nothing I’ve seen before. At first I thought he just wasn’t tired as he was crying so much when I laid him in bed but after getting him back up, he was even worse. It was the loudest, most uncontrollable cry I’ve ever heard from him and I really had no idea why! I gave him Bonjela as it may have been his teeth, nope. Calpol for any other pain, nope. After an hour of cuddling him, rocking him, getting into bed with him, getting him out of bed, doing EVERYTHING I could, I had to leave him to cry in his bed. He did eventually fall asleep but I felt so awful leaving him in a state. Has anyone else experienced this out of the blue?

After waking up 3 times crying during his nap, I decided to just get him up and thankfully he didn’t go too mad at me! I had another look online for some more Christmas presents for family members but I’m so stuck on what to get everyone, I’m too indecisive and I always worry about getting the same thing as someone else, boo.


We had our dinner which was boring old chicken and chips as we haven’t got our shopping yet but Oliver inhaled it and was rewarded with some of the chocolate cake we made earlier which also didn’t last too long. He NEEDED a bath afterwards so we went up for a hot bubble bath, it’s freezing in our house so we turned the heating on too. There’s nothing better than having the heating on when you get out of the bath!

We’re both now ready for bed and I’m going to attempt to get little monster to bed after some cuddles and a story.

I hope your day has been lovely.

Thanks for reading!



7 thoughts on “Uncontrollable Crying

  1. Yep, it comes out of the blue like a slap in the face! I find it usually OVER OVER OVER tired, sometimes you just have to let them cry it out. The cake looked yummy by the way xx


  2. Yes we have had this and it is usually teeth or wind pain. Teeth more so. The painkiller doesn’t look as if it has kicked in because the crying has taken over. Waking up in sleep or whimpers in sleep has always been teeth for us. Hope all is better x cake looks yum


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