I Love The Weekend


Hi everyone.

We were all up early this morning and were ready to go out by 10am which on a Sunday is pretty good going in my books! We had to run some errands and do some shopping before taking Oliver and Boas to the beach for a while. We thought as it’s Boas’ bath day, we may as well let him get as grubby as possible.

They loved being at the beach. We’d stopped off at Pets At Home earlier on and bought Boas some new toys, one being a floating crab which we kept throwing into the sea and he’d swim out to get. Oliver spent his time playing with sand, eating sand, throwing sand and finding all sorts of things that shouldn’t be on the beach!


We were all absolutely covered in sand, my shoes were full and Oliver had fallen onto his bum in the sea so every part of him was covered too. We went back home, got changed and sorted out, Oliver went to sleep and we bathed Boas.. It was fun to say the least. He doesn’t really mind his body being washed but as you get closer to his face he freaks out and with a dog his size, it’s not easy! We’re going to look into a hose for outside next time I think, if he can cope with the sea, he should cope with that too.

Matt popped back out as we forgot something from shopping and I got into cosier clothes, tidied up and had a sit down on the sofa for a while and oh boy, did I need it. I fell down the stairs last night and my back and neck have been aching since so a rest was definitely needed!

We all had curry for dinner, Oliver and I had chicken korma and Matt had chicken madras, it was delicious! Curry is one of monsters favourites too so not a spoonful was left. By the time we’d tidied up, given Oliver a bath and sorted ourselves out, it was time for bed for little monkey and relax time for me! There is SO much house work I need to get done but the motivation to do it just isn’t there, I’ll try and find it again tomorrow, maybe.

Goodbye weekend, you’ll be missed.

Thanks for reading!



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