We Went To London


Hi everyone.

We had a busy day today. We were up around 8am, had our breakfast at 8:30am and started getting ready for the day. Oliver was a little star for once and left me to have a bath in peace and then chose his outfit for the day (luckily it didn’t look horrific), he’s growing up way too fast.


We had a quick bite to eat before leaving as we left for London at 12pm for a birthday party. After an hour and a half journey, we arrived and it was great to see family and friends. We spent just over 4 hours there chatting with everyone and Oliver well and truly enjoyed the buffet, he didn’t stop eating the whole time we were there! Luckily the birthday girl loved the presents we got her (a Peppa Pig musical set and Disney Princess play sand) as I had no idea what little girls like.


It made me feel so proud to see monster socialising well and not running to me as soon as someone speaks to him like he usually would, he’s not used to being around so many people so it was really lovely for us both. As we arrived at 2pm, by 6pm we decided to make a move back home as by the time we got in it’d be Oliver’s bed time and of course, he fell asleep after 10 minutes in the car and was wide awake when we got in, typical right? Thankfully once his pyjamas were on and he had his dummy he went straight to sleep, I’m expecting a wake up call in the middle of the night from a hyperactive toddler however.


Matt and I are now waiting for our Chinese to arrive and I’m going to put my cosy clothes on and relax for the rest of the evening as I’m totally shattered!

I hope you’ve all had a great day today.

Thanks for reading!



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