Sadness Crept In


Hi everyone.

Last night was a night I definitely wasn’t expecting. Oliver went to bed just before 8pm and laid down and fell straight to sleep and didn’t wake up once, how crazy! He slept from 8pm until just after 9am this morning so not only did he not disturb me during the night, he let me have a lay in, what a treat. Of course I felt worse for the amount of sleep I’d had and woke up with a headache.

We had a lazy morning doing nothing but playing which we needed. Oliver got out every single toy in his toy box to show me and brought me multiple books to read to him, he’s growing up so fast. We bought the last of Oliver’s Christmas presents last night as we wanted to be prepared as soon as possible, we decided we wouldn’t go as mad this year as he got WAY too many last year, we limited ourselves to 6 presents (not including his Christmas Eve box).

We had our lunch and all Oliver wanted to eat was pears! I’m happy he loves fruit but he’s starting to cut out other important foods too which isn’t great, I’m hoping it’s a phase. After tidying up and clearing up water as monster boy threw his drink onto the floor, he took himself upstairs for his afternoon nap and again went to sleep with no issues, I could get used to this! (I probably shouldn’t)


Matt came home whilst Oliver slept so we unloaded the shopping and spent some time together before he woke up again, we’ve really got into a series called ‘True Crimes: The First 72 Hours’ I love my documentaries, sad aren’t I?

His nap was shorter than I expected so we went into the garden and played out there until dinner. It was all going great until Oliver comes back inside and pulls over 2 drinks, he seemed pretty happy with himself. I done him an early dinner and gave him a bath as I started feeling quite down and low and I didn’t want to wait until later on as I knew I’d get gradually worse and I was right. I couldn’t stop crying and I felt completely pathetic, I have no idea why. I guess sadness just decided to creep into me again, how crappy.


Oliver’s now in bed and I’m going to have something to eat and chill out in bed as Matt’s gone out, I’ll be receiving some food when he’s home so every cloud has a silver lining, ha! I feel slightly better but I know the only thing that will fix it (hopefully) is sleep so I’m going to try and get my head down ASAP!

I hope your day has been lovely.

Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “Sadness Crept In

  1. I hope whatever it is getting you down soon buggers off. We all have our down moments, but my philosophy is that you can’t have peaks without troughs. You wouldn’t appreciate happiness if not for a little sadness. Chin up girl 🙂 x


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