Sandy Walks


Hi everyone.

We had the worst night in a very long time last night.. Oliver had gone to sleep at his normal time perfectly but woke up around midnight and was petrified of something. He kept looking up at our open loft and crying so I’m not too sure what it was that worried him so much but he wouldn’t settle for hours, I tried EVERYTHING. He eventually fell back to sleep around 3am.

I got up this morning feel wide awake strangely, it seems to make me feel better when I have less sleep, is that normal? I felt like I’d drunk 30 energy drinks! I bathed Oliver, hoovered the house, made our breakfast, got myself showered and sorted and tidied up all in the space of around 40 minutes, I was flying around.

We left our house at just gone 10am to go to soft play for a while as it was raining and cold outside but he needed to get out of the house. He was so brave and loved being there, he keeps me fit by making me run around like a headless chicken! I always make the mistake of putting him in jeans though which I won’t be doing next time as it restricts his movement. We met lovely children who were so nice to monster, had a yummy lunch and wore ourselves out (this was my aim, I can’t deal with another night like last night).


After a few hours there we went back home. Oliver had a drink and went straight upstairs for a nap and I sat down for a while to do some writing, read some posts and try my best not to fall asleep which I of course didn’t manage. I woke up a few hours later (before Oliver) and cooked our dinner, Nando’s chicken, yum! I didn’t eat much though as my eyes were definitely bigger than my belly.

We cleared up and went our for our evening walk. We decided on going to the beach again but this time we were actually prepared for it, coats and wellies and all! Oliver and Boas had so much fun running round and splashing in the water, it’s lovely letting them run off and do as they please as there was no one around.




2 thoughts on “Sandy Walks

  1. I feel the same way too. I feel wide awake when I have less sleep, and feel more sleepy when I’ve slept longer. I hope you have a better night tonight and no more night terrors for Oliver.

    Dropping by from a self-hosted site One Awesome Momma because I miss the community. Do check it out when you get a chance. Have a great day!


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