Feeling Refreshed


Hi everyone.

I woke up today feeling like a new person, I felt refreshed and awake and it felt SO good. Oliver and I spent most of the morning dancing and being silly together before going down for breakfast. We had a play in the garden afterwards as the weather was holding up nicely and he loves being outside.


We found little sticks, collected the autumnal leaves, played in the dirt and enjoyed nature. Monster decided to show his stick to a passing aeroplane too which was incredibly adorable of him, I wonder if they saw.. Ha!

I had some housework to do so whilst Oliver was playing I hoovered, tidied and sorted myself out as I looked like a pile of poop, literally. Some days I don’t really care about how I look but I fancied making a slight bit of an effort as I was in a good mood. Lunch time soon rolled around and as I predicted, Oliver wasn’t keen. He’s started eating less and less and I know it’s just a phase but it’s quite annoying, I worry a lot more. He ate a pear and some cheese but didn’t want anything else. I soon realised it was possibly tiredness as he was desperate for a nap (I was happy about this) so he went up to sleep whilst I watched a documentary and caught up on everyone’s blog posts!


Matt came home during Oliver’s nap so we spent some time together and he even brought me home some presents.. Bin bags and dog poop bags! It’s quite sad how things like that actually become exciting to receive, that’s when you know adulthood has hit you.

We had our pizza for dinner as we both fancied being lazy and Oliver obviously didn’t complain, we loveeee the pizza! We went out for a family walk after dinner as it helps all of us sleep better and it’s just nice to spend time as a family. We went for a walk across the seafront and onto the beach which wasn’t planned so we were definitely not dressed for the occasion! We all loved it regardless though.


I’m now about to get little monster to sleep so I’ll catch you all tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!




5 thoughts on “Feeling Refreshed

  1. I’m intrigued as to which documentary you watched. I’ve been getting an urge to watch Prof. Brian Cox’s Wonders docs again lately. And name me somebody who doesn’t love pizza. They belong in the sea! x


      1. I hope you were only watching it out of interest and not getting any ideas. Haha. If you like astronomy you’ll love him. He’s one of my favourite people in the world and he’s a local lad as well. Born in Oldham, about three miles away from me πŸ™‚ x


      2. No, I didn’t imagine you would. I don’t know how parents do it. It’s definitely a ‘posh’ person thing. Perhaps I’m too common to understand πŸ˜‚ If you do check it out let me know what you think. Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of the Universe are definitely his best documentaries πŸ™‚ x


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