Spending Time Together


Hi everyone.

I slept SO much better last night, I’m starting to force myself to sleep rather than giving in and putting on something to watch or sitting on my phone and I definitely feel better for it. Oliver done really well in his bed last night too, he got up a few times and sat by his door crying waiting for me to come and put him back to bed but other than that he was great.

We had a special breakfast too. We had some fruit, smoothies and a bacon and egg sandwich so we were well and truly full after that but he deserves a treat once in a while. I knew we had to be ready by 10ish so I done the hoovering whilst Oliver and Boas played outside and got myself sorted out as quick as I could. Of course I somehow forgot it was bin day too so I had to run outside to put our bin out with the bin truck about 30 seconds away, I’m so unorganised.

We eventually went out and I had a few shops to go in. We needed some birthday presents for a party we’re going to on Saturday, a bed guard for Oliver’s bed so I can have a peace of mind at night and some food for lunch. I didn’t realise how hard it was buying for a girl when I’m so used to buying for a boy, I’m hoping I made the right choices! We got the bed guard too and then had a naughty McDonald’s lunch. We rarely have it as I only like 1 thing from there and Oliver’s not all that keen anyway but it was the closest and quickest thing to grab.

We got home, I fitted the bed guard and took monster boy up for his nap. He seemed to feel safer with it on so hopefully it’ll help. I wrapped up the presents I’d got, wrote the card and finally sat down to have some me time. I caught up on an episode of Catfish and watched some YouTube videos with some snacks (yes I did just eat, judge me).

After monsters nap I cooked him his dinner as it always takes forever to cool down and he’s started to take a while to eat and we were going out for a walk shortly after.

We had the loveliest evening walk – we went to the park and let the babies have a run around, we met lovely dogs and got some treats from the shop on the way back. Oliver found a stick that he became obsessed with and he has it in his room now which is great.. You’ve gotta love em’. It was so nice to spend time as a family as with Matt working long hours, it’s rare to do these days.

I didn’t manage to take many photos today as we were so busy but I’ll be back to my old snap happy self tomorrow.


Here is the stick in case anyone was interested (no? No one?)


I hope you’ve all had a great day.

Thanks for reading!




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