I’m Traumatised


Hi everyone.

I’ve got mummy flu. It’s a bit like man flu but no one gives a shit. I spent all of last night tossing and turning, trying to turn off my tap like nose and sitting in bed wishing I was asleep. In the end I think I managed 2 hours but they were both disturbed with ridiculous nightmares, typical.

My day only got better from there. I decided we’d have a lazy morning, not rushing around and spending time together, that was lovely. I then decided I’d stop being such a gross individual and get in the shower, forgetting we had shopping coming which I soon remembered as I applied the conditioner to my hair and the doorbell went. I ran down the stairs like a man woman, soaking wet in a badly put on towel. He was cool about it though, he was making a joke of it which eased my awkwardness. My awkwardness soon turned into ‘kill me now’ when my towel fell down with my hands full of shopping. I don’t know how much he saw before I hid behind out front door but I won’t be shopping from there again to find out. He’s probably quit, I wouldn’t blame him. Traumatising.

After that awful experience that has scarred me for life, I finished my shower and made myself a ham, cheese and tomato omelette to try and eat away my feelings (didn’t work). Oliver had been so well behaved all morning so we had some naughty snacks too, oops. It was on and off raining so we had a tidy up and a play indoors with Shark Tale on in the back ground. He done really well in his bed last night, he woke up once as he couldn’t feel his blanket and once again at 5am as he’d rolled out of bed (we had things on the floor in preparation for that). I don’t really like bed guards but we’ll see how he gets on, I’m hoping it’ll get better and easier as the days go on.


We had our lunch and pretty soon after that Oliver was keen for a nap, he even took himself into his bed with his water and laid down. He went to sleep straight away and didn’t wake until my mum came round, as soon as he heard her voice he was straight out of bed.


It was around 3pm by the time she went home so we went into Oliver’s room to play with his shapes, his xylophone and his keyboard – he really loves music and dancing. I’ve been looking for a dance club for toddler’s but haven’t found any for his age in my area which is quite annoying. Hopefully once he turns 2 there will be more options for him.


Matt wasn’t going to be home until after our usual dinner time so I cooked for Oliver and I. We had chicken, tomatoes and sweet potato chips, a nice quick dinner and something monster will actually eat and not share with the floor/Boas.

Oliver was the definition of grubby after his dinner so we went upstairs for a well needed bath. He’s started to think that everything is a phone, he spent 5 minutes putting the sponge to his ear saying “IYA!”


We tried out some new bath products this evening too so after a few more uses we’ll do a review on them.

Oliver is just about to go to bed and I’m looking forward to some me time this evening, my nose is still running like you wouldn’t believe so I’m going to try some remedies to sort that out as I can’t cope with another rubbish nights sleep.

I hope you’ve all had a great day!

Thanks for reading!





3 thoughts on “I’m Traumatised

  1. Can’t believe that happened to you with the shopping delivery. That kinda shit will come back to haunt you during quiet moments. Haha. Everybody in my house is currently ill…apart from me! It can remain that way for my liking x


      1. I don’t blame you. I reckon it’d put me off too. Haha. It’s quite weird; I’ve built a resilience to bugs. I used to get them all the time, but in the past few years I’ve only been ill a couple of times. That is if you discount the clinical depression I allegedly had a year ago…x


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