We Finally Done It

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Hi everyone.

Today was a pretty good (mostly) Sunday. We all woke up early, had our breakfast and decided not to waste the day and head out for some breakfast and a wander around our town and along the sea front. Only problem was that we’d both left our money at home, doh. It was beautiful though and we found the cutest thing ever, a little stall type thing which had a sign saying ‘help yourself to herbs’, they had so many, what a nice thing to do. They had a listening wall and wall to put your angry/honest notes in too.


After a 3ish mile walk, we went back home to have lunch and do the things we’ve needed to do for weeks now. We put up some pictures on Oliver’s wall and made the transition from cot to bed, eek. He went to sleep with me next to him after 5 minutes and didn’t wake up once so I’m hoping tonight will be the same, we’ve put a baby gate on his door so he can’t escape if he does wake up. It made me so emotional seeing him in a big boy bed finally, where has my baby gone? I know a lot of people wait longer than we have but he was becoming an escape artist and I wasn’t risking him hurting himself.

After monsters nap, we went to Matt’s brothers house for a roast dinner. Oliver misbehaved quite a lot which was upsetting, I think it was a mixture of tiredness and testing his luck – he likes to do that at other peoples houses. After spending a few hours there, having cuddles with their beautiful week old daughter and spending time with everyone, it was bedtime for Oliver so we went home.

He’s in his room at the moment and we’re going to attempt to get him to sleep in a while, I’m quite scared in all honesty. I’m so used to knowing he’s in a safe place and can’t get anywhere and now that’s gone, fingers crossed it goes well.

That’s all from me, I’ll update the bed situation in tomorrow’s post.

Thanks for reading!



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