Our Christmas Goal


Hi everyone.

I had the WORST nights sleep last night as Matt wasn’t here and I really struggle to sleep when he’s not at home. He got in around 2am and then we both slept and that left us both absolutely shattered this morning. Oliver slept in until nearly 9am however so I didn’t mind too much.

We had a lazy day indoors getting boring things done like clearing out drawers, tidying the kitchen, the things no one really wants to do. Oliver’s cold has got worse so he’s been quite moany and tired so we took it easy, he’s always attached to my hip when he’s unwell.

We had a lovely little lunch as a family and went into the garden for a while afterwards. Oliver’s got a new obsession with finding planes in the sky and pointing them out to me, how he manages to see them I have no idea as even my eyes struggle! After a play and a quick tidy up of Oliver’s room, he was ready to have a nap. We’re putting the last of his pictures on the wall tomorrow so his bedroom will be completely finished, yay!


My goal is to have the rest of the house finished before Christmas. We need to paint some skirtings, finish tiling and grouting the bathroom, do the roof in the porch, patch up some walls that were damaged when we moved our stuff in and buy some more furniture – the joys of it all. I also need to paint our fence and other things in the garden but that’s definitely last on my list.

Oliver slept for quite a long time and woke up asking for food so I made him an early dinner. He had chicken and carrot and swede (his favourite) with a banana and a yogurt for pudding. He did end up sharing all of it with his lap and the floor though.


We had another play outside before going up for a bath. He found it hilarious to dip his face in and out of the bubbles, he had me cry laughing. I love that little boy.


We had a long cuddle together afterwards as he was really snotty and tired and I’ll take any opportunity I can get to cuddle him without him wiggling off. He’s now fast asleep, we’ve had our dinner and I’m going to make myself a tea, have a cookie or two and relax for the rest of the evening. I can feel myself wanting to clean however so hopefully that urge doesn’t win tonight.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely day.

Thanks for reading!



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