He’s Getting Brave


Hi everyone.

Today we had a super fun, super happy day. Oliver woke up with a cold but soldiered on and didn’t make a fuss like he usually does. We were up with the whole house clean and tidy by 9am and ready to go swimming.


The pool didn’t open until 12pm so we had 2 hours to spare, what could we do? Spend money of course! We went to the Aldi baby event as I’d seen some really nice bits on Instagram and luckily I found some lovely things. We got a soft basket, 2 cot bed sheets, a sleep trainer clock for when he’s a bit older and some everyday boring things. I was really surprised at the prices and I’m SO glad I went, I do love Aldi.


We went to get some breakfast at a place called Fowlmead which is a cute little country park near the swimming pool. We got bacon sandwiches and they were soooo good – not the healthiest option but oh well!

We finally got to go swimming and Oliver loved every second of it. He wasn’t scared whatsoever, he kept wandering off and doing his own thing and even kept trying to swim independently, I was so proud. We were lucky too as it was only us and another parent and child in the whole pool so we had plenty of space, usually there are 100 kids splashing and going mad.

We were in there for just over an hour and by that point we looked like wrinkly prunes and Oliver was getting tired so we done my least favourite part, getting changed. I don’t mind it before we go in but trying to get a wet toddler changed again is a nightmare, even with baby powder.


After managing that, we went back home (after another quick stop at Tesco, I bought Oliver another Christmas present, new socks and myself a cardigan) and little monster man had a well needed nap. I had a little one too as for some reason swimming completely drains me and makes my whole body ache!

We eventually got up, had our dinner (cheese and ham omelettes with chips) and had a play before giving monster a bath. Don’t you just love it when your toddler is freshly bathed, in lovely clean pyjamas and then they decide it’s poo time? Me too.

He’s now in bed, I’m going to have a nice bath and watch some YouTube videos with a cup of tea.

How was your day?

Thanks for reading!




2 thoughts on “He’s Getting Brave

  1. Really need to take Caellum swimming more often. I was a competitive swimmer in my teens and was pretty damn successful in the Central Lancashire league. You can tell he takes after me where a love of the water is concerned. Think I might look at taking him this weekend, but for now it’s beer and some Old Skool dance music πŸ˜€ x


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