I Can’t Stop Cleaning


Hi everyone.

Today was one of those unproductive, slow days. I woke up at around 8am (the same time as Oliver) and felt like I’d been hit around the head with a pan multiple times and my eyes couldn’t fully open. I’m not sure what was wrong with me or if I was just tired but luckily it wore off after a few hours.

We got ready and had a lazy day at home with lots of snacks. I feel like we need a day indoors every so often to recover from being busy, I get too worn down and drained otherwise. We spent a lot of our time in the garden playing on monsters swing, with his ride on cars and in his water table (which is now full to the brim with stones).


Oliver hasn’t been the best behaved child in the world today and that’s usually the case when we stay in for the day as he’s definitely an outdoor child. He threw his new book into the bath with me and got hold of a frame I love with a photo of him in and smashed it on the floor – what a little devil. I can’t stay mad at that cute face though.


He eventually went down for a nap which felt like it lasted all of 5 minutes, I didn’t manage to get ANYTHING done. Maybe I was just being lazy but we’ll look over that.

Matt came home and played with the 2 trouble makers and I cooked dinner. We had a roast as I’d fancied one for ages and yes, it’s a Thursday, don’t judge me. I’ve even finally perfected gravy and I know that may seem like common knowledge to some of you but mine has never been great, until now. It even got Matt’s seal of approval and believe me, that’s hard to get.

I spent AGES preparing it, cooking it, serving it and guess who didn’t appreciate any of it? Yep, Oliver! He ate a few mouthfuls and was not interested in any more but if it was a rubbish dinner I threw together, it’d be a different story. Bloody kid.

We had our dinner, got into pyjamas and got Oliver settled. Once he was in bed I started cleaning the windows, skirting, walls, everything. I have NO idea what has come over me but I can’t stop cleaning, once I’ve done this blog post and had a bit of a break I’ll be cleaning upstairs. I’m fun aren’t I?

I hope you’ve all had a great day.

Thanks for reading!




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