Our Beautiful Day Out


Hi everyone.

After a good nights sleep with no disturbances, I felt refreshed this morning. I’ve been feeling run down for a while now so it made a lovely change! We had no plans today however so we got up and ready to do some crafty things, just us two. I then suddenly had plans to go and meet a friend (thankfully) so we done that instead, I’m so glad we did too.

We went to get some food to start with as it was just before lunch time and we were all starving so Subway was our choice. I love Subway but no one else I know will go there with me as they hate it so I’m glad I’ve got someone to stuff my face along side. Once we were finished there, we went to the beach for a while. My friend’s baby slept whilst Oliver paddled in the sea, chased a seagull and had a really fun time. He’s got so brave and I have to stop him going all the way in!


He makes me so blimmin’ proud. He was so well behaved and he definitely deserved a treat so we went to a cute little gelato shop. It was the BEST – I had prosecco and mint chocolate chip and Oliver had banoffee pie.


After our treat, we realised it was getting pretty late in the day and we both had other things to do this afternoon so we went back towards our homes with a quick stop at the park. Oliver spent 99% of his time on the swings, as usual but it was a lovely end to a beautiful day out.


We had a long walk home which was quite brutal in the heat but I managed it, just about. I was a sweaty mess when we got in! It was past Oliver’s dinner time so I quickly cooked his dinner and got him ready and settled for bed, he didn’t nap today as we were out so he went to sleep like an angel.

Matt and I have now had our dinner too and I’m going to get some housework done before relaxing for the evening.

I hope you’ve all had a great day. What have you been up too?

Thanks for reading!



One thought on “Our Beautiful Day Out

  1. Sounds like a really nice day 🙂 I’ve had the little one all day myself. We didn’t do a lot really, but I did take him out for a walk so he could indulge in his hobby of pointing at things saying ‘whassat’ and saying hiya to strangers that walk past. It’s obviously done him in because he’s already asleep and I only put him to bed three minutes ago! Now hopefully I can work on some writing.

    Great post as ever 🙂 Really getting into reading you daily exploits x

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