I Love Autumn


Hi everyone.

I mentioned yesterday that I felt super drained and tired and I was hoping that today would be different but it wasn’t. I went to sleep hours earlier than usual but still woke up feeling rubbish so I think a doctors appointment is needed as I used to have low iron levels and a few other issues so it could be that creeping back, the joys!

I did eventually get myself together and force myself to be productive. We got washed and dressed, had something to eat together and got our things ready to go for a little explore. We didn’t go too far but we had a play on the grass near the park we go to, we picked some flowers and went to some allotments that are near our house as there are pumpkins! We met a lovely lady who told us that they actually sell them next month so we’re going to go and grab some local pretty pumpkins for Halloween this year.


We had another run around before we went home just to burn off a bit more energy. Once we were home, we went into the garden and had a little go on the swing, his wooden trike and played with Boas for a while before taking Oliver up for a nap.. It didn’t go well, someone was not tired enough! He had some quiet time in his room instead luckily so I could get some bits done.

We had an early dinner, had a lovely long bubble bath with his favourite toys and had a play with daddy before going to bed (Matt is obsessed with Oliver’s keyboard so he was playing songs on that.. Yep.)


It’s now time for some me time. I’m going to quickly tidy up so I don’t have to worry about it later on and then have a drink, have a snack and watch some TV. Why do I always feel wide awake in the evenings?

I hope you’ve all had a great day.

Thanks for reading!




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