Where Has My Energy Gone?


Hi everyone.

After being awake until stupid o’clock last night, I woke up this morning and had no energy or motivation whatsoever. It’s my own fault but I just cant sleep, it’s driving me mad. Oliver had been up a few times during the night so he was quite sleepy too so we snuggled in bed for a while before our shopping delivery arrived.

We had a play outside after we finished breakfast, done the hoovering and tidied up as the house looked like we’d had a party with 100 toddlers, it wasn’t pretty. Whilst I tidied upstairs, monster sat nicely in his bedroom playing with his keyboard and reading books – he was such a star.


We had a yummy lunch, a smoothie each and went up for a nap (both of us), I knew if I didn’t have a power nap I’d be asleep early and wide awake in the middle of the night, as always. I fell asleep just after I’d finished the last part of a documentary I’d been watching called 15,000 Kids And Counting. It’s a documentary about adoption and some of the cases they deal with, it’s heartbreaking and really made me consider it in the future – all kids deserve a loving home.

Oliver was still asleep once I’d woken up so I spent some time with beautiful Boas having cuddles and playing with his toys, he’s getting so big it’s scary!

When monster was up again, we went downstairs so that he could play in the garden and I could put on dinner. Matt wouldn’t be home until a bit later on so it was just me and Oliver eating, I done us spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread, it was lovely if I do say so myself. Oliver ate nearly all of his too so I’d say it was a success.

Matt came home, we spent some time with him before taking Oliver up for a bath as he had bolognese sauce EVERYWHERE.


After a lovely hot bubble bath, I got Oliver into his pyjamas, me into mine and we played in his room for a while. He’s started to understand how to use his megablocks and his wooden bricks properly so we used those to build a little house which was of course soon knocked down.


He’s now tucked up in bed and I’m going to watch some TV with Matt, browse social media and maybe have a Mars ice cream.. If you haven’t tried them, try them! They’re addictive.

Thanks for reading!



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