Sleepy Sunday

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Hi everyone.

This morning we had the longest lay in to date – just gone 9am! What a perfect way to start a Sunday. We done the usual, breakfast, get the house sorted out etc. and went out for a family walk.

We used Oliver’s reins for the first time as he has a tendency to run off and not come back so we decided to give them a go – he however wasn’t too keen. He hated that I could control where he goes but if it keeps him safe, he’ll have to get used to them whether he likes them or not!


We were out for quite a while and came home with a very muddy child and an even muddier stroller, excellent! We had some lunch, had a little play and got settled for a nap as he’d been rubbing his eyes for a while.

Truthfully, once Oliver was asleep, I napped too. I always regret it afterwards but I felt so drained and my eyes felt super heavy so I gave in, oops. Matt did come and wake me up to let me know we had a visitor coming soon so it wasn’t for too long thankfully.

Oliver woke up once he heard an unfamiliar voice and we went downstairs for some time together before dinner. It was only Oliver eating dinner as Matt and I decided to eat once we’d got home from visiting Matt’s brother and his family (including their 2 day old little girl, ahhhh, the broodiness!)

I’d completely forgotten how to hold a newborn, how to sit with them and how to give them back, I felt like I’d never had children but she is so beautiful and the cutest little thing, I can’t wait to go back soon for more cuddles.

We left to go home as they were about to have dinner and Oliver needed to get ready for  bed as it was getting late and he was starting to hit that point of misbehaving.. Uh oh.

He’s now in bed, we’re about to have some dinner and catch up on some TV and then have an earlyish night as it’s that dreaded day of the week tomorrow.

I hope you’ve all had a great day today.

Thanks for reading!




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