No Nap = Big Problem


Hi everyone.

Today was a really lovely day for us. We all had a lay in until 8:30am, had our breakfast and cleaned the whole house! It definitely needed it and as we had visitors, it had to be done. Oliver was desperate to go out and spent nearly half an hour crying by the front door and only stopped when we left, he’s such an outdoor kind of boy.

We went to Sandwich with my nanny who is currently visiting from Spain, my dad and his girlfriend. It was really nice to spend time with them and Oliver thoroughly enjoyed himself – especially lunch, of course. We had lunch in Costa, had a walk around the different shops, went to the park and saw some ducks! We love visiting Sandwich as the town is absolutely beautiful, I went to secondary school there before moving house and I really miss being able to go to the town everyday.


I didn’t manage to get as many pictures as I was hoping as it was raining on and off the whole time we were out, boo. We went back to my dads afterwards, Oliver had an ice cream and we relaxed there for a while. They found a wooden car garage that needs repairing so we’ve brought that home for Matt to attempt to fix, good old daddy.

I soon remembered that Oliver hadn’t napped today and it was beginning to show, it’s like his ears shut off, he completely ignores you and becomes the naughtiest child ever. I was glad to get him home, into his pyjamas and into bed for some peace! I’m 100% ready for bed tonight. I’m thinking food, a blanket and a cup of tea!

What did you do today?

Thanks for reading!



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