He Deserves Pizza



Hi everyone.

We started our day by being super lazy. Oliver wasn’t in a great mood so we snuggled in bed watching Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, monster nearly fell asleep however so we got up at that point. The weather was ridiculously hot too so there wasn’t much we could do but we made the most of it for the short period we were outside!


We came back in at lunch time and had a special treat, pizza with a side of tomatoes and fruit. It went down a treat with Oliver, I don’t think he could believe his luck!


After lunch and playing with dinosaurs for what felt like hours, Oliver went upstairs for a nap. We had a little read of a book before he went to sleep as I had one of those moments of not wanting to leave him, you know what I mean? Sometimes I’m like “yes, nap time!” and others I’m like “don’t go.”

Once he was asleep I read some blog posts, done some browsing on social media and tidied the house up as it somehow becomes a pig sty over night.. Maybe it’s Ben and Holly.

Matt came home whilst Oliver slept with a LOT of goodies! Lots of yummy treats for the humans and 2 new toys (1 for Christmas), some treats and a new collar for Boas. I guess he can be alright sometimes after all.. Just kidding, love him really! Especially when doughnuts are involved.

We had our dinner once Oliver woke up which he wasn’t all that fussed about eating, he spent most of his time playing with it, feeding the dog and demanding a banana. It’s hard as he doesn’t understand going to bed hungry yet and will just wake up during the night so as much as I hate it, I guess he’s got to eat!

Matt and I had his work rubbish to organise so he can send off so Oliver watched Peppa Pig while we did that which kept him quiet. It took a lot less time than I thought it would luckily and Oliver was tucked up in bed by 7:30pm. Once I’d hoovered, put the washing on and tidied up AGAIN, I had the chance to sit down and oooh it felt good.


I’m going to watch Bad Education with some strawberry doughnuts and possibly fall asleep on the sofa.

Thanks for reading!



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