He’s Starting Nursery


Hi everyone.

Today I felt the most motivated I’ve felt in months. We were up, dressed, fed and ready to go at 9am which is a pretty big achievement for us! We had an appointment to view a nursery at 10am but I had house work to do before we left so I left myself enough time. We went to view the nursery and I really thought I’d be picking flaws out and trying to think of reasons why he shouldn’t go but there were none. The staff were lovely, the kids seem lovely and there is SO much for them to do. After a full tour and speaking to staff, we decided to take the plunge and go for it – he starts in April! They have the cutest uniform and although it’ll be hard, I know he needs the socialisation and I need the break.


We went for a stroll down the sea front, had a paddle in the sea and went for a drink and a browse in some shops before going home. I found the cutest little shop that sells dog things so I’m going back in there soon to get Boas some Christmas presents!


We went home, filled in some forms and had some lunch. The eventful and early morning definitely took it’s toll on monster as he was in an awful mood and needed to go to bed so after lunch he went straight into bed and of course fell straight to sleep. I sat down for a while and got slightly emotional, how can my little baby be going to nursery? Time really has flown and I feel like I’m losing my grip on my baby, I want to keep him small forever.

After getting a grip, I watched some TV, had a cuddle with Boas and relaxed but I knew a nap would make me feel worse.

Dinner time was fast approaching and we had some sausages in the fridge so sausage and mash it was! I definitely wasn’t complaining as it’s one of my favourite meals and has been since I was a child, I don’t make amazing gravy like my parents did though.

Oliver was covered in beans after dinner so Matt ran him a much needed bath whilst I tidied up from dinner, team work right there! Oliver was overly tired and moaned throughout his bath so we made it a quick one, got him into his pyjamas and into bed. Truthfully I needed the peace and quiet SO bad this evening, there’s only so much screaming you can take in one day.

I’m going to lay on the sofa and be a lazy slob because I can!

Thanks for reading!




3 thoughts on “He’s Starting Nursery

      1. At some point I’ll probably do a post dedicated to my little man. Part of the reason I want to make it as a writer is for him. I’d like him to be proud of me. I do enjoy reading how your days go. I like how relatable your stories are x


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