Playing In Mud And Leaves


Hi everyone.

Last night I made that mistake that a lot of parents make.. The ‘making the most of child free time and staying up mega late’ mistake. I’d started to catch up on TV programmes I’d missed and before I knew it, it was gone midnight and I knew I’d be needing sticks to hold my eyes open today. Luckily Matt didn’t wake me up to say bye before going to work as he knew I needed sleep and Oliver didn’t wake up until just before 8, I was still exhausted though.

I dragged myself into the shower, made us both breakfast and even had a little helper to unload the dishwasher (he did run off with his plate and fork but the thought was there). I knew Oliver’s H&M delivery was arriving today and had no idea what time it’d be so we had a day at home playing, watching Antz and spending time in the garden. I had the joyful job of cleaning out his water table (which was full of stones, thanks monster) and making sure the garden was as tidy as possible. After a longggg go on his swing, Oliver decided to sit and play with the leaves that have come off of next doors tree. He’s a boy after my own heart, I loved nature and getting muddy as a child.


As predicted yesterday, it is HOT today so I didn’t want Oliver outside for too long so we went back inside and had our lunch which he ate like a dream. He had a cream cheese sandwich, a tangerine, some cherry tomatoes and a little cake as a treat. We played puzzles and cars for a while before the eye rubbing began. I opened the stair gate and he took himself upstairs, walked over to his cot and waiting for me to put him in, I love that the days of crying at nap time are over!


I caught up on KUWTK, the new Rob Kardashian programme with his fiance Blac Chyna and watched some YouTube videos. Yup, I’m fun right?

Matt came home and was majorly tired so he had a power nap, Oliver woke up so we cleared out his drawers, sorted out the clothes that are too small and put his new ones away nicely. It’s so annoying that he can empty every drawer now, I think I’m going to need to buy some locks like we have on our kitchen cupboards.

Fullscreen capture 13092016 163526.bmp.jpg

Although I love what I bought him, I’m really confused with the sizing. We’ve bought from a lot of places but the clothes from H&M seem ridiculously big! His new pyjamas seem big enough for a 4/5 year old and the top has extremely long arms.. At least he’ll grow into them!

We finished tidying and sorting out (Peppa Pig was my saviour throughout the process) and made a start on cooking dinner. We had cottage pie with garlic bread and Oliver done amazingly, he ate the whole lot and even ate his garlic bread with his fork, bless him.

We had another play in the garden after dinner as it was still pretty hot and it definitely wore him out a bit more. We got into our pyjamas, tidied monsters room and he got into bed. I’m letting him watch an episode of Peppa Pig before going to sleep as he’s been so well behaved which is a rarity recently so it needs rewarding!

What are you all up too this evening?

Thanks for reading!



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