Ships, Sea And Accidents


Hi everyone.

I had an awful sleep last night. Oliver woke up a few times which he usually does when it’s hot and I couldn’t fall back to sleep so I woke up like a zombie. We had our breakfast which was a struggle to get monster to eat which was unusual but he’s the same as me, I hate eating when it’s so hot and lose my appetite almost completely.

We got up and dressed after rushing around doing chores so I didn’t have to worry about them later on, Oliver helped me do the hoovering and even put some toys back into his toy box when asked.. I know, it’s shocking isn’t it?!

We left our house at lunch time to go and visit my nanny and my mum for a few hours, we don’t get to see my nanny often as she lives in London so it’s great for us to have quality time with her when she’s down here. We visited a Viking ship, had a bite to eat at the cafe and went for a stroll down to the sea and went to the park down the road so Oliver could have a play. We had an accident down at the sea too, Oliver made the mistake of running and fell, cutting his bottom and top lip – blood everywhere but after a few minutes he was fine again, little trooper.


It was lovely but if anything it was too hot, if you stood in the same place for too long you would literally bake. With the windows open and us back in the car, a nightmare happened.. He fell asleep. It took every power of persuasion (a tictac box, George pig, ANYTHING I could find) to wake him up but luckily we wasn’t too far from home and he went straight to sleep once we were back.

As I’d already done all the house work, I had nothing to do. Don’t you love that? I watched an old episode of Catfish and ate some watermelon which I definitely needed as I hadn’t drunk much during the day.

After napping was over, we had a quick dinner which again, Oliver didn’t eat much of. It gives me another reason to be excited for Autumn/Winter as Oliver won’t not eat and fingers crossed his moods will improve! We’ve had a few tantrums throughout the day but luckily no major, throwing himself around ones.

Matt and I decided to have dinner a bit later than usual once Oliver was in bed as neither of us are all that hungry and have some things to do before eating so I’m going to get the boring things out of the way, put some washing on and relax for a while. Has anyone else had enough of this heat now? It’s apparently going to be hotter tomorrow which I’m not happy about whatsoever.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely day today!

Thanks for reading!




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