Spending Time With Family


Hi everyone.

Our day started by us all having a well needed lay in, what a perfect way to start a Sunday. We got up around 8:30am, had our breakfast, got dressed and ready and decided to go for a morning dog walk as the weather was nice. We bumped into Matt’s brother and his family so we all went together which was lovely.

They have a dog too so Boas had some company which he loved and Oliver had his 2 cousins. We made a mandatory pit stop at the park on the way home for the kids and so that Oliver doesn’t spent the whole journey home crying that he didn’t go on the swings!


After a lovely walk with them all, we went home to have some lunch before going out again. Usually Oliver is great with food and will of course get some on his clothes but recently he COVERS every part he can manage, I haven’t had to do so many outfit changes since he was a baby.

We went back out again shortly after finishing lunch, Matt and Boas stayed at home to have a rest (it’s a hard life) whilst Oliver and I went to spend some time with my family. Oliver loves going to their house as they’ve got a dog, a bird and fish so it’s like a mini zoo!


He also knows that as soon as he enters the house, food is coming his way. I think he leaves a stone heavier!

We spent a few hours there just chatting and playing before going home to let Oliver have a nap as I know I’d be in trouble if he missed it, I’d have one grumpy little boy. He laid down and fell asleep after a minute of being in his cot so it was definitely needed. I done the boring house work and had a sit down for a while before starting dinner, we’re having Nando’s peri peri chicken (mine is lemon and herb, Matt’s is hot) with chips and garlic bread as we love Nando’s and find it even better in your own home.

Oliver wasn’t too keen on it however, we’ve had it a few times before and he’s loved it so I’m pretty certain he was just being fussy. Matt and I on the other hand loved it so I guess it’s more of a win than a loss!

Oliver and I had a bath and as I let him nap later than I should of, I knew he was having a later night than usual so Paw Patrol was on for a while to compensate for being so silly. I’m now in my pajamas, about to have a milkshake with my new fancy straws that have little spinning windmills on them, check me out!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely day.

Thanks for reading!



11 thoughts on “Spending Time With Family

  1. Firstly, thanks for following. I really appreciate it. Secondly, that sounded like a nice Sunday. Coincidentally, I had Nando’s takeaway on Saturday night, but I prefer it at the restaurant for some reason. Your day was certainly more interesting than mine. A good read. Keep it up!


      1. We’re not at daily tantrums yet, but when he does throw a wobbler he does it in style. I hate it because you have to be firm, but at the same time it kills you hearing their little heart break x


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