My Little Artist


Hi everyone.

Don’t you just love the weekends? Everything feels so much more relaxed and I can be lazy and not feel bad for it. We had a weekend treat by having pancakes for breakfast too so I think that started our day on an extremely good note!

I had a load of house work to catch up on so I managed to do most of that, have a shower and feel like a normal human being. The weather hasn’t been all that great so the park/the garden wasn’t really an option so we done some painting instead. We used the brushes, sponges and stamps I got a few weeks ago and they went down a treat! Oliver loved being let lose and we used Autumnal colours to get into the cold weather spirit!


We had a great time and the picture is beautiful, Oliver was very proud!

We had our lunch once I’d cleaned up before taking Oliver up for his afternoon nap. He’s getting so good at just laying down and going to sleep, I think he’s started to realise he does need it so there’s no point in fighting it.. I hope.

I finished the rest of the house work so everything is done as I hate leaving the house knowing there are still things to do. We’re going shopping this evening without Oliver and in all honesty, I’m quite excited. Isn’t that sad?

We all had our dinner and unexpectedly Oliver was a nightmare, he refused to eat for a while and had decided he’d had enough after a few bites. I’m hoping the refusing food stage hasn’t come back to haunt me!

I got little monster bathed and we watched Paw Patrol – one of the handful of children’s programmes I can stomach. We’re leaving at 7pm so we’re going to cuddle up on the sofa and relax until Matt and I leave.

Does anyone else have a devil child but whenever someone looks after them, all they hear isย how much of an angel they’ve been? I feel like it’s just me he’s naughty for at the moment which isn’t a great feeling but hey ho, I guess to him I’m the mean one as I discipline a lot more than anyone else.

I hope you’ve all had a good day!

Thanks for reading!




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