Drawing On The Floor



Hi everyone.

Today we had a lazy day at home. I woke up with an awful cold and headache and I’d had a rubbish night sleep last night so I wasn’t in a going out mood. We had breakfast, had sleepy cuddles and had a play before I got in the bath. I used to love Oliver having 2 naps a day as it meant I could have a morning bath in peace, those were the days. Now I have megablocks thrown at my head repeatedly, that’s if he’s not buggered off with my shampoo so I can’t wash my hair.

Oliver was bought some pavement chalks a while ago and I completely forgot that we had them, I decided as the weather wasn’t looking too promising and water washes it away that we’d do some drawing outside. Oliver loved being let lose to do what he pleases and truthfully I had fun too.


We had our lunch and soon after Oliver was moaning so it was time for his afternoon nap. I’ve noticed they’re getting shorter and shorter so evidently the no napping days are on there way, excellent!

I done most of the house work whilst he slept and even found time to have a power nap myself as I felt like a pile of poo. My headache had only got worse and I felt so bunged up my nose was hurting.

Matt went to the supermarket to get us some dinner and some treats as I felt rubbish which was lovely. We all ate in the front room too which we don’t usually allow but once in a while won’t hurt, will it?

Oliver shared his dinner with every part of his body so straight after dinner it was time for a scrub down in the bath! We played with his numbers and letters along side saying “sit down” 50000 times as all he wants to do is walk around at the moment, he’s a dare devil.


Pajamas were on, a film was watched and then it was time for bed. I can still hear movement but I’m hoping he’ll be asleep soon. He’s started to try and climb out so that’ll be interesting when he manages it, it’s time for a big boy bed soon I think!


We’re going to be boring adults, watch a documentary and relax.

Thanks for reading!



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